Cristian Riță



Cristian Riță

Software Engineer

Hey !

I'm Cristian, a Software Engineer based in Bucharest, Romania. I enjoy building applications and tools for the web.

My interests include web and mobile development, cloud computing and distributed systems.

I have experience with the following technologies: Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Javascript, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, AWS, etc.

In 2018, I joined CoderDojo Romania as a mentor, where I teach kids how to code. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to explain complex concepts in a simple way.

After this experience, I realized that I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. So, I decided to start a tech blog where I write about various topics related to software development.

Education 📚

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Politehnica University of Bucharest
October 2013 - July 2017

Master’s degree in Information Technology, Politehnica University of Bucharest
October 2017 - July 2019